August 19, 2008

Expose Unfruitful Works of Darkness

It seems like time speeds up in the mornings. Even if I wake up 30 minutes earlier, I seem to run out of time to blog my devotions. I have read this passage a few times and feel like it really does ring true in my own life. I work with a lot of non-Christians who all seem to have "drama" in their lives. Ephesians 5:11-14 seems to be a sort of reminder to me to stay away from the "drama" or conversations about it. This passage tells us to "take no part in unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."

There are opportunities for me to get wrapped up in unfruitful works of darkness every day. But God's Word tells me to expose them. By exposing them, they become visible. And when they are visible, they become light. They are light because they are now knowledge of unfruitful works of darkness, avoidable as sin.

What I'm trying to say with all the distractions from all the people in my house right now, is that exposing sin can free you from that sin. If you are involved in sin, and you confront the sin, you become aware of the sin and the Holy Spirit works with your conscience to help you flee that sin in the future. If you are involved in sin, confront the sin, expose the sin, know that it is sin. Then turn from the sin, remove yourself from the temptation, flee from the sin.

The Holy Spirit is our guide. God provided a helper at salvation; the Holy Spirit works in conjunction with our conscience to help reveal sin. God does not want us to sin, and He provided a way of escape.

Praise God for His Holy Spirit.


  1. "all the people in my house right now" ??? Do you have squatters?

  2. Just my wife's sister and kids. They're all playing Wii.

    LOL on the squatters.

  3. Ok, this is weird, but when you say (type) "LOL," I can HEAR you laugh.

    Maybe we've known each other too long?

    ha ha!