August 3, 2008

The iPhone Apps

There are a number of apps for the new iPhone 2.0 software. They're
available for both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. Also, for a
fee of $9.95, you can upgrade an iPod Touch to the 2.0 software and
download apps. This picture is just some of the icons of programs I
use on my phone.

1 comment:

  1. Barcode, hmm, I will have to check that one out. Also, had to delete and reinstall phonesaber to get the update. Also, iTunes says that one of my apps has an update, but I hit all updates and multiple times and it is still there. Annoying, then to top it off, I get a bill from Apple with all 30 apps listed being downloaded 4x each. All of it was free, but still. Might post the invoice.