August 24, 2008

Pepsi vs. Coke...I'm Ready to Switch for the Merchandise

For a while I've been saying Pepsi needs to produce some classic glass bottles and start selling there sodas in them. If you don't remember just look here. Yesterday my wife and I checked out the new Dollar Tree in Rocklin and I saw this: Where is the Pepsi stuff? US Bank, my employer, took an internal survey on "Coke vs Pepsi vs Don't Care vs Don't Drink" and Coke beat out Pepsi by a large margin (actual numbers to follow when I go to work and find them again). Why? Pepsi is the superior tasting beverage, yet too may fast food restaurants sell it, too many people call "soda" "Coke", and too many of those people don't care or don't know the difference between the two and just vote Coke. What is wrong with people? Even worse, what is wrong with PepsiCo? The areas best Pepsi provider (Taco Tree) has some issues with Pepsi. Although the owner swears by the beverage, the service they get from the distributor is more than lacking. Slow response on orders and repairs, poor quality repairs and service, lack of competitive pricing, and other factors seem to give "Pepsi Providers" more reasons to move on to Coke. Where's the merchandise? Where's the answers to customer input? Answer ME!!!! I want Pepsi glassware. I want Pepsi products in a glass bottle. I want great tasting beverages like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Code Red and Live Wire, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, even Sierra Mist for the non-caffeine crowd. I want these beverages at all my favorite fast food joints. Is there a burger joint selling Pepsi? Carl's? No. McDonald's? No Burger King? Well, who cares about Burger King. I don't have one friend that goes there. So, I'll wrap this up with another letter to Pepsi... Dear PepsiCo., I am a huge fan. I love all the sodas I listed above. Please use your billions of dollars to provide the world (or at least the Placer County area) with all the requests listed above. In list view it shows as follows: 1. More places to buy Pepsi and Pepsi products 2. Glass bottles of all your beverages 3. Cool merchandise Thanks. Yours truly, Jimmy the "Pepsi Drinkin'" Gun PS. The 3104 Clan gamed it up while drinking gallons of Code Red and Mountain Dew. I've always purchased Pepsi products over Coca-Cola's junk. Also, I am such a Pepsi snob, I know all of the places that do and don't sell Pepsi, including the ones that have recently switched from one to the other. Unfortunately the switch is usually to Coke. I hear it's a service and price thing, not a popularity thing. Let's work together to get Pepsi the lead over least in the States. Good USA!


  1. I'm not a particular fan of soad in general, but I always grab a Coke when I'm in Mexico. They use real sugar cane in them, which gives it a very sweet taste.

    Maybe Pepsi sucks so much because the Mormon's own it. (was that a cheap shot at another religion?)

  2. Nice Taco Tree reference. I'm all about Coke Zero these days. It has a black bottle.

    You know a lot about this stuff...

  3. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Does Taco Bell still sell Pepsi? I guess that wouldn't matter, because who would go to Taco Bell when you have Taco Tree?

    Sorry to hear your distress. I am one of those people who "doesn't care" as long as it's DIET.

  4. The Mormon's don't own Pepsi. They don't own Coca-Cola either, which used to be the original Urban Legend. That religion doesn't believe it's right to drink caffeine. "Caffeine is a drug ya'll." They also believe a bunch of other crazy stuff but that's for another day. will tell you all you need to know about the Mormon soda ownership legend.

  5. I have never noticed it until I read your post, but I do not recall ever seeing Pepsi stuff like Coca-Cola in stores, such as glass's or collectibles. I do not see why they have not already done this because it could make them even more money.

    Also the requests for sodas makes sense as well, non-caffine Pepsi and stuff, there are people who only drink non-caffine which hurts Pepsi's sales as well.

    In the long run, the requests you have mentioned would not only make consumers happy, but would also benefit Pepsi as well, happier customers equals better sales.

    I have an article on my site as well called The Epic Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Wars if you would like to check it out.