December 27, 2008

iPhone Email Picture Saving Issues

I wrote about this already but I thought it was my phone only. Over Christmas I learned my sister-in-law's phone is doing it too. Then I came across this blog about the issue and thought I'd try to post about it again, hoping to get Apple's attention. It worked with my home builder (I'll tell you about that later). With the latest Apple iPhone software update, when saving a picture from an email to the phones camera roll, the quality or resolution of the picture is lost. This is absolutely the worst bug yet with this phone. My wife will take a picture of my son and email it to me so I can save it to my phone to view later or show others. Then, when I do, the quality is so poor that it useless. The blog I found has a great comparison setup to demonstrate the problem. Check it out. Dear Apple, Inc., LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE, YOU ARROGANT JERKS! FIX THE PHONE! ADD THE FEATURES WE WANT. IT'S A SIMPLE SOFTWARE UPDATE AWAY. DO IT! I just went to my lovely iPhone to transfer my list of fixes needed but..........OH YEAH, I LOST IN WHEN I SPENT MY WEEKEND RESTORING MY PHONE OVER AND OVER. SEE HERE AND HERE. Sure it's one of the greatest cell phones ever, BUT THE BUGS MAKE ME GO INSANE. Please add: * cut and paste * an even better algorithm for the predictive text * turn sideways keyboard for all the programs * a better way to organize your icons on the various screens * editing documents, (a mini version of Pages, Spreadsheets, Etc. would work) * better camera software, and video * and the other stuff I wanted that I lost in the restore fiasco. Look at what is available from these "Jailbroken" iPhone people and make it work for the rest of us who try to stay true to the makers design. Incorporate the features people want. Apple, Inc is doing so well because they started building products people want and can use on a daily basis. KEEP LISTENING TO THE NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE. Or........or.......or go back to that crappy little company you were just a few years ago. Remember? Most people thought you guys sucked? Remember that time? Do ya? Do ya, Apple? Fix the problems. Reduce the size of your egos and fix the problems. From Frustrated Jimmy the Gun Let's go Apple. Make it the best phone that doesn't have all the problems people constantly write/talk about. It sad when I try to show non-users the "awesomeness" of the phone and it doesn't work for whatever reason. Sure it can be "just a cell phone" or it could be the best piece of technology available.