December 13, 2008

iPhone Restore Takes Too Long

First off, my iPhone has all sorts of issues. I don't want to go into all of them now. But I heard if you restore factory settings, it usually fixes the problems. Well, I wish I knew it was going to take this long. I have people coming to look at my house any minute and I can't take my phone with me when I leave if it's not done restoring. I could have driven to the AT&T store, purchased a new iPhone, brought it home to activate it (if that was allowed), and been up and running with my contacts, calander, music, and programs faster. Here is a picture of the slow progress of restore. Look at the three the red arrows. "Sync" time is the "Start Time." The desktop time was the time I screen printed the progress. And well, the progress bar is not even halfway across. I'm already at an hour and twenty minutes. As I hit publish, I'm still not halfway done. I'm thinking another hour. ARGH!!!!! Click on the image to enlarge. Thanks Apple for the great advice. UPDATE!!!!!! It took over 3 hours. And then I had to load all my apps and media. Stupid Apple. Stupid time. Stupid stupid. Here's a picture at three hours.

1 comment:

  1. consider yourself lucky that it only took 3 on 14 hours and its barely over halfway done