December 22, 2008

Live As God Desires, Not As You Do

Romans 2:14 -29 needs to be read. It's hard to break down into my own words, so I'm going to broadly explain it. This section of scripture talks about Jews and Gentiles. I'm going to talk about it as though it is all men because the gospel is for all men. Gentiles did not have the law and Jews did. But salvation doesn't come from knowing the law. Men who live as the law requires become a law unto themselves. On judgment day, God will judge the secrets of men. Men who do have the law often preach it and talk about it but don't live it themselves. Verse 23, "You who boast in the law dishonor God by breaking the law."

Don't be a hypocrite! Don't claim to know God's law and then live the opposite way. YIKES!!!! I need God's hand in this. I am nothing but a hypocrite. I am realizing more and more that my life is being wasted. I'm not a light in this dark world. I make things even darker with my life and methods of living. I desperately need God to rule my life, my thoughts, my actions. Only giving myself over to God fully can effect the changes I need to make. Only God can effect that change.

"God, You are Holy. You are Righteous. You are Perfect. You are Pure. You are The Judge. God, I need forgiveness of sins. I need You in my life. I need Your hand on my heart, and I need one over my mouth. I need You to fill all my thoughts and control all my actions. I am desperate for You to rule in my life every minute, every day. Fill me with Your Spirit. Mold me into the man You desire me to be. Use me to draw people to Your amazing grace. Grant me patience, grace, humility, and LOVE. Give me a love for people and a longing to lead them to Your grace."

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