January 9, 2009

Not By Works of The Law, By Faith We Are Justified

Again, Romans 3:27-31 reminds us that faith is what justifies us, not works. If justification was based on works, we would have something to boast in or feel as though we earned it for ourselves. But we are justified by faith apart from works of the law. We do uphold the law with our lives; we just cannot boast that our justification comes from it.

Short but sweet. God is good. Faith in God brings salvation. I, for one, am glad it is not based on my works of the law. I am a sinner, unable to do right and earn salvation. My sin nature too often interferes with my works of the law/righteousness. I fail too often in living a God glorifying life to hope for salvation from my own doing, my own works. I praise God that the gift is free to those who believe. I know I will throw myself at His feet in thanksgiving and praise for the undeserved gift of grace.

"God, help me show love like You love. Help me live to show Your grace and love to others. Forgive my sins. Use me to draw more sinners to You. Your grace is amazing."

Praise God for His Justifying Grace.

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