March 19, 2009 iPhone OS 3.0 Preview Presentation

iPhone OS 3.0 Preview
To: My Readers
From: Jimmy the Gun
I just finished watching the Apple March 17 Event. You should check it out.
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Coming to an iPhone this summer, iPhone OS 3.0. The long awaited cut/copy/paste will be here. The missing MMS capability will finally arrive, allowing contacts, photos, audio files, and location to be sent to other phones. The landscape keyboard for more than just Safari. Text forwarding, copying, and deleting will be realized. The ability to email more than one picture at a time is coming. And so much more; over 100 new features for the end users. Apple announced the Software Development Kit (SDK) for iPhone OS 3.0 is now available to application developers. They announced over 1000 new application programming interfaces (API) or new tools for the developers to use. Such additions include: purchasing within an app (like new levels to games or subscriptions to newspapers or e-books), in app use of the local iPod songs, in app emails, peer to peer or iPhone to iPhone connections via Bluetooth or wireless, Push notification (for things like IM or sports updates from ESPN), and more. This could turn the iPhone around for me. It's been a good phone but it's limitations are irritating because they don't need to be there. This phones possibilities are almost endless, and some of the basics have been missing. It sounds like this summer will bring A New Hope to the iPhone. Check out the gallery of photos at Engadget here and here.

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  1. I am excited for 3.0, but I believe the iPhone is the most amazing phone ever regardless of the features you wish were there when you first purchased the phone. I think if you would have bought the iPhone 1.0 you might have agreed with me.