March 13, 2009

The Law Points to Sin and Death, but it's Holy

First off, I'm ridiculous. If I get outside my routine even a little, my devotions and blog are what suffers; the devotions being the most important part missing from my day. I've re-read Romans 7:7-13 and it still is a tough passage, going back and forth about the law and sin and death. I'm going to take a large portion of passage and cover the general meaning because I think I could work on this section for a while and I want to get past it.

The law, which is the commandments of God, reveal sin and the death that sin brings. That doesn't; however, make the law a part of sin or sin itself. The law provides knowledge of sin in our lives, ultimately so we know that we are sinners and we can turn from sin and towards Christ. In the same way, the law does not bring the death that comes from sin. Sin brings death. The law, again, shows us we are sinners and that we are dead because of it. The law is holy and from God. It reveals our sin so we can know that it is doing evil in us.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will continue on and finish Chapter 7. I also have 2 more chapters of "Crazy Love" to finish.

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