October 10, 2009

7000 Jews by Grace

Today, I finally get back to Romans chapter 11. I accidentally got myself out of order back in August. I jumped from chapter 10:5 to 11:5, so after today's entry, jump to here.

In Romans 11:1-6, Paul asks if God has rejected his people. And although the Jews did reject God, He did not rejected them. Paul points out the fact that he is a Jew, and God chose Paul to spread the word of Jesus death and resurrection, and spoke to both Jews and gentiles about their need for a Savior.

Paul, in verse 5 and 6, points to the fact that it's by God's grace that 7000 Jews were selected by God, when all others were killing God's prophets and destroying His alters. It's all by God's grace.

Praise God for His Grace

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