October 15, 2009

Dublin Dr. Pepper

So I heard about a Dr. Pepper made with real can sugar. The problem was, it is made in Texas and it super expensive to have shipped here (I looked into it). You can check out the site and history at http://dublindrpepper.com/. Then, Tech-Guy-Ted told me about a place in Auburn, CA that sells this Dr. Pepper. I called the place, called Joe Caribé, and they had them. Although expensive, I was able to get a few bottles and taste this sugar cane version. It was so good. This version reminded me of the old days, when Dr. Pepper was my favorite soda. Even the "Nectar of Life", Mountain Dew, was below Dr. Pepper back then. ANYWAY, Dr. Pepper needs to sell a sugar based version nationwide. Pepsi and Mountain Dew did it, and are doing it again, with their Throwback versions. It's time for a Dr. Pepper Throwback.