October 16, 2009

Hansen's Beverage Company Sucks

Calling all Monster Energy Drink drinkers: STOP drinking it. Calling all Hansen's Beverage Company patrons: STOP buying their products. Don't buy anything from the Hansen's Beverage Company. They are going crazy with the lawyers, trying to scare a beverage review website into taking down a review and trying to tell a Vermont beer brewer to change the name of a beer. Monster Energy Drink vs. Vermonster. Oh yeah, I can see the confusion consumers are going to have. NOT! Beer is sold in a different location within the store to a different person wanting something different from their beverage. I'm calling for a boycott, not because it directly affects me, but after seeing their attack on my favorite beverage review site, bevreview.com, I came across the second story about the brewer. It makes nme mad that a large corporation would go after a small brewer for something that is totally not a trademark infringement. And like the brewer says in the following video, it's just a huge expense, Hansens can afford and the Rock Art Brewery can't. Here's the brewer's story. Read bevreview.com's story on their own site here or here at the Consumerist. Read the brewer's story here and visit their website.

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