June 13, 2010

Facebook is Losing Another User (Update)

UPDATE: I found out that Facebook asked me to "Register" my computer because I had asked to be alerted when new devices are used to log into my Facebook account. Oops! I guess I'll stay a little while longer. Well, Facebook is going to be losing me as a user. Today I attempted to log into FB and this message popped up:
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And there is no way around it. This is absolutely retarded. I don't want to register my computer with Facebook. I'm out people. I'm following Techy Ted and moving strictly to Twitter. Another thing that bugs me is the fact that it tries to add other people to follow or "friend" based on your interests or job history. I want to shoot myself for ever putting anything about work up there, because not I can't even remove it. In job history it doesn't show that I've put in anything, but it sure wants to add my previous employers' profile to the list of people I "like". So, see you later jerks. Here's the link if you want to join me in ending your account too. Thanks Techy Ted.

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Hi James,
    I'm surprised to still find you on Facebook. I thought you were leaving?