June 19, 2010

DEWmocracy 2 Winner

I really didn't keep up with the DEWmocracy info, after seeing the name, label design, and overall poor job my team did with the lime flavored Dew. Distortion was not as good a name as Lime Light or Sublime that I wanted. And the label design was too dark and boring to draw people to it. Also, the colors were way to similar to Original Mountain Dew, making it hard to recognize which one was Distortion. Anyway, the winner is:
Click image to enlarge
White Out actually became my favorite. It reminds me of Squirt. When I did my taste test, in seemed like a watered down version of Mountain Dew. But, when it came out in stores, it really had a good flavor that, coupled with the benefits of caffeine Mountain Dew is known for, made this a great choice of beverage. While the lime flavored Distortion was my original choice, Techy Ted and I agreed that White Out was the best. And I'm glad that it is the winner. I voted for it (sorry team).

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