June 21, 2010

Summer of Soda...so Far

It looks like it's going to be another summer of soft drinks for me. Pepsi announced their "Summer of Cherry" starting with the redesign of the Wild Cherry Pepsi bottle.

Pepsi also introduced Cherry Vanilla Pepsi.

Mountain Dew had DEWmocracy 2 with 3 new flavors. If you missed it, I was part of the Mtn_Dew Labs, helping to design one of the flavors (the biggest loser).

White Out (winner), Typhoon (grossest), and Distortion (loser)

Trader Joe's introduced their own brand of cola and root beer.

And finally (for now), Costco brought in Pepsi, ridding the world of one more place Coca-Cola has their strangle hold on soda (now we just need McDonald's to switch so Pepsi can be the largest).

I'm loving the Summer of Soda.


  1. wow..very nice....really love it..

  2. Where is what from? I blog from the USA.

  3. I love the Trader Joe's vintage soda's. They also have an orange soda, but their root beer is excellent!

  4. They used to have these Pepsi Jazz sodas; I think they were Diet only... There was a vanilla cherry, I thought. Anyway, I really liked those, but they discontinued them.