March 4, 2011

The 2011 Ford Interceptor Video Series Starts March 7th

I'm still not sure what Ford is thinking with front wheel and all wheel drive Taurus and Explorer based Interceptors, but maybe this video series will show us why they think these are better cars for the job of police vehicle than they tried and true Crown Victoria based Interceptor.  I'll tell you what, I believe cops want a rear wheel drive car.  I believe they want a little more room and a little more power, but most of them are happy with the current format.  The Dodge Charger is going to be the go to police vehicle if Ford doesn't bring something like the Vic to the table.

On March 7th, we will see what 4 real cops an undetermined number of cops (because it says "from the United States and Canada" and Canadian cops aren't real) were paid to say about these 2 new Interceptors from Ford.

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