March 7, 2011

My Starbucks Affair...From Logos to Gold Cards

Starbucks has updated their logo, and I love the new look of the Siren.  She is out of the circle and able to do so much more to represent the Starbucks brand.  The logo is still so recognizable as Starbucks, without the need for the name to be part of it.  I think this will allow the company to do more great things.

Also, to celebrate their 40th year, Starbucks wants us all to enjoy some anniversary cake...or a treat with our coffee this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I've talked to a lot of my friends and people at work about my Starbucks Gold Card, but I wanted to really explain why (if you like coffee or tea) you should get with it and register a Starbucks gift card.  First, it's easy.  All you need to do is register an Starbucks gift card at  You now get a free drink on your birthday.  Next, use the registered card 5 times to reach Green Level status.  This earns you free syrups and milk, free refills on brewed coffees or teas, and a free beverage with any whole bean purchase. And finally, at 30 uses you reach Gold Level status and a personalized gold card is sent to you. A Gold Level card adds to the freebies of the Green Level.  Besides coupons and special offers, every 15 uses of your gold card earns you a free drink. It's awesome and easy.
Now, I wanted to mention the latest and coolest feature Starbucks offers registered card members.  You can use the Starbucks Mobile Card app to pay with your registered cards.  The app allows you to check your balances, add money if necessary, track rewards, add new cards, pay for your purchases, and more.  To pay, you launch the app and turn the bar code toward the Starbucks scanner.  It's cool.

It really is awesome.  I love the app.  I love my rewards.  I love Starbucks.

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