November 22, 2011

My Bright Idea #1 - Introduction and My Matchbox Idea

I started a list back in September 2009 of what I call "My Bright Ideas".  It's really a list of things (I remember to write down) I think should be reality now.  Some of them are minor tweaks to things that are already in existence.  Some are things I'd love to be able to head as a project manager at a large company like Google or Apple.  And some are little predictions I have about the near future.  They are short and sweet, and I'll try not to get carried away with details that don't matter. In fact, this will be the longest entry in this series.

I decided, since I'm not really that smart, connected, or equipped, I'd just write them down here to be stolen by someone with the means to bring them to reality.  Once they are written down, the least I can do is take credit for the idea later.  This way, I look like the genius.  So here goes.

My Bright Idea #1 - September 13, 2009
A toy car company, similar to Matchbox or Hot Wheels, should create a way for consumers to submit their own paint schemes and personalized vehicle designs and purchase them from the toy company.  I see this working out on a larger purchasing scale for law enforcement agencies, utility companies, and other companies with fleet vehicles, but I'd also want it to work out for smaller quantities too.  My idea involves a website where the customer would upload pictures of their paint scheme and would be able to apply it to the chosen make of vehicle.  It's similar to what M&M does with customizing the candies.

My Bright Idea #1 (updated) - October 24, 2009
A toy car company should make all the cars they build to the same scale.

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