November 22, 2011

My Bright Idea #10 - Google's MMORPG Using Google Earth

My Bright Idea #10 - September 6, 2011
Google should develop an MMORPG using Google Earth and the 3D buildings that people are creating.  People can join the "real world", but play and do things they may not normally do or be able to be part of.

This goes with my MMORPG "Real World" Game idea, where people play out themselves in the real world, but are able to choose to be "good" or "bad" and perform tasks to that end.  You either choose to do things like stopping crimes seen in the game, or you choose to do them.  People would live out their desired role, leading toward enforcement of rule and law or the destruction of it.  Each "good" or "bad" thing done would earn the player points toward their goal.  Depending on where and how the crimes or prevention is done, the player would earn roles in the world they create.  There would also be an underlying points system for those things done without detection.  This would allow for things like secret alter-egos in the world.

For example, if someone decided to be "good" and prevented crime, they may choose to become a COP, working a beat, etc.  But if they prevent crimes that are behind the scenes, in dark allies, in back rooms, etc., they can earn roles such as FBI agent, with access to more information about other players or game characters, that might not otherwise be known.  FBI agents would have access to information saved in the server, but not part of a characters "known" status in the world.  If someone decides to be "good" but hides their identity with masks or costumes, they can eventually gain a super power.

On the bad side, the range of positions starts at street thug and goes to crime boss.  And, for those that are able to reach crime boss and complete dangerous tasks without detection, they can "accidentally" be turned into a super villain with a super power, gained by a tragic accident within the game.

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