February 12, 2008

Ford F-650 Conversion

This article was posted on 2/8/08 by Straightline, a blog by Edmunds.com. I debated posting it because I didn't want my readers to think I was some rich punk that thought he could use this gas guzzling monster. First, I'm not rich. In fact, email me and I'll give you an address you can use to send me "donations". Second, even if I could afford such a beast, I wouldn't want to start parking a half mile away from every store, restaurant, or any other establishment I frequent, just to find a parking spot this thing would fit.

I do think it would be a really fun "trip across the USA with a bunch of friends" vehicle; that is, if Ford is picking up the fuel cost. Anyway, have a look. It is cool.

via Straightline by Bob Holland <rsholland@aol.com> on 2/8/08

Ford F-650s have long been a favorite for doing monster pickups, as body parts from the smaller F-250/350 Super Duties match up nicely. Now, thanks to the Alton Truck Company, we have a 6-door XUV (eXtreme Utility Vehicle) based on this chassis using Excursion and F-350 dually parts.

Why the F-650, and not the larger still F-750? The F-650 is the largest Ford truck you can drive with a regular driver's license. The F-750, which has a GVW over 26K, requires a commercial driver's license.

...Oh, the MSRP? $122,163 and north—maybe far north, depending on how many options you check off.