February 16, 2008

iPhone App for Me

This is pretty cool, although not really useful or usable. The idea is a great one. If they tied it to a sequencer or used this with Garage Band, it would be a great app. If they announce that this is an Apple Inc. approved application for the iPhone, it is made to work with a sequencer, and it works with Garage Band, I will buy an iPhone and an iMac or MacBook. Do you hear me Steve? Do you?


  1. That's pretty sweet! I got to tour the Apple campus @ 1 Infinite Loop on Monday and it's awesome. Couldn't really go into many of the buildings though because those guys have it locked down better than Fort Knox! Can't wait for the iPhone SDK to be released! Then we'll have some Apple approved apps for iPhone.

  2. "non-approved" iphone apps are so much sweeter. My ihpone is also an etch-a-sketch.