July 15, 2008

Out of the Futility of Our Minds

In preparing for my new cell phone I ended up messing up my computer and I had to format the hard drive and re-install all the programs. And, while this is my excuse for a couple of days, I've failed to study my Bible for most of those days as well. Even now I sit here, having read the next set of verses in Ephesians and my brain is struggling with what to write. It's sad to think about the state of my Spiritual life. Even these verse today (Eph 4:17-19) talk about the futility of the mind of sinners, the darkened understanding, the alienation from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, hardness of their hearts, the callousness and the giving over of themselves to sensuality, and the greedy practice of every kind of impurity. I can't help but feel that I'm struggling with these very things right now.

I do pray for strength, boldness, HELP!!!! I often feel discouraged, and I think of David. David's Psalms are a roller coaster of emotional responses to the situations he was in. From fear to frustration to praise, David turned to God in every situation, knowing he was responsible to give everything to God. And David, a man who had some "major" sins recorded in the Bible, was known as a man after God's own heart. Although we all go through ups and downs in our spiritual lives, God doesn't change. He is always faithful to the promises He's made. God listens to our prayers and the desires and needs of our hearts. He will be faithful to answer those prayers too, although the answer is not always going to be what we want it to be. God knows our heart. He knows our every action and deed. He knows when we are living in the "futility of (our) minds" and not in a manner worth of the calling. If we turn our focus to Him, we begin to lack the room in our lives for the things that darken our understanding and alienate us fro the life of God.

Praise God for His Truth.

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