September 4, 2008

ALERT!!!!! Virus Warning for MySpace Users.

I was using the new browser from Google called Chrome. I was checking my Gmail and saw a myspace friend request. I clicked to view the profile and was taken to Suddenly my Norton anti-virus detected and blocked 2 viruses. Here is a screen shoot of the warning of the blocked viruses: At first I was writing this to users of the new browser but then I decided to try the link again in Firefox. The same fake Windows "Automatic Update" window showed up over the website. Notice it is faded a little. DON'T click on this if you go to the link. I wouldn't normally, but it popped up right as I clicked. MySpace SUX!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even use it but thought I'd try this friend request to see how Chrome handled it. Well, a virus is how it handled it. Watch out MySpacers. Actually, it's such a horrible website, I hope all myspace users get viruses. HAHA. That's just mean.

1 comment:

  1. My pc was acting funny today while I was using Chrome, so I am back on firefox for the time being. Will see if there are any updates soon. Then again it is in Beta and one should expect some sort of hiccups.