September 3, 2008

Head of the House...Too Much for Me

Well, I almost skipped these next verses, not wanting to be considered a sexist or a womanizer. But hey, its in the Bible so it's important. Ephesians 5:22-24 tells wives to "submit to your husbands, as to the Lord." Now if the passage ended there, men could really take advantage of this passage. But it doesn't.

Verse 23 says, "For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, the body, and is himself its Savior." As a husband I look at my role from the perspective of this verse. I'm to lead by the example of Christ. Christ came to earth, lived a perfect sinless life, glorified God as His sole purpose, and then died for sinners. So as a husband I'm to live a life without sin, glorifying God in all I do, and sacrifice even my life to help my wife. Sounds like too hard a job for me alone.

As the wife submits to the husband, like the church submits to Christ, she should be willing and understanding of the importance of that duty. I remember my mom saying once that it was easier for her to submit and follow my dad's decisions because she knew that it was how God designed, and God would protect the decisions they made if they were done according to God's design. She also took comfort in knowing if the decision was not the appropriate one, God would still bless her life for submitting to my dad. Ultimately, my mom and dad worked together to make the decisions in my family but my mom was such a respectful woman. And even when my dad did things she did not agree with, there was NEVER a fight or loud argument. She knew the decision would be blessed by God if she submitted to God's will and under the authority given to my father as the husband.

I hope that in my marriage, Lisa and I can work together on everything. I am overwhelmed by the responsibility God gives to the husband. I pray that I lead my family by example. I want them to see a man who's number one desire is to glorify God in everything I do. I pray that out of that desire stems a life without sin and a love for people and a desire to fulfill my responsibility to spread the good news of God's gift of grace.

Praise God for His Son, the ultimate example of a leader.

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  1. I didn't even live with your mom, and I knew that about her. Always respected her for that.

    I love your mom.