September 5, 2008

Pepsi vs. Coke Follow-up

I think I said something about the U.S. Bank internal poll on Pepsi vs. Coke. Well here is the graph from the internal website.


  1. Used to be a Pepsi guy... but since it's almost illegal in the South, I have converted to a Diet Coke guy... Regular Coke feels like my battery acid on my teeth.

  2. I never had more than 1 soda a month until I moved to Atown when I was 13, RT was where I drank the most soda ever and that was Coke products. Pepsi came into my life by hanging out with Bob & co., but nowadays that I am older, I am borderline between the two & don't care what it is, but I do like cherry coke a lot. Funny thing is most hard core Pepsi drinkers agree with that about cherry coke.

  3. Still a Diet girl... Coke or Pepsi - it doesn't really matter.