September 16, 2008

Game it Up 9!!! Clan 3104 I Found Our Reunion Game

Okay, so Chappy actually found it. It's a FREE FPS. Combat Arms. It is awesome. Check out their website and download the game for free. Seriously, it's amazing. My screen name is "3104JimmyGun" so format accordingly. We need to setup some game nights. Let the Code Red flow and the 3104 Clan destroy all noobs.


  1. I will try to install it tonight, but I am not drawn to AWSD and up and down anymore. I like ABXY or Triangle, Square, Circle, X. If I could set up my PS3 controller for the PC, then I would be in.

  2. I actually have a controller for my computer and it would probably work. I think it even rumbles.