September 8, 2008

Husbands, Love Your Wives, as Christ Loved the Church

Again with the commands that seem impossible. Ephesians 5:25-33 is a long discription of how Christ is the ultimate example for husbands in how to love their wives. Not that I don't want to love my wife this much, but I don't think humans have the capacity for the amount of love shown by Christ. Although, I'd say I would die for my wife, I'm not sure it translates the same as the saving sacrifice Christ made for His chosen. How about an easier seen failure as an example...

There are times my wife wants to do something or go somewhere I don't want to. I make "sacrifices" of my own plans to participate in the things she wants. I don't; however, do this without grumbling and complaining. I whine about it; sometimes behind her back to my friends. That is not loving or respectful. That is not the love Christ lavishes on us. But, I'm commanded to love my wife.

Christ (God's Son, God as man) came to earth, lowering himself to the level of a man, releasing some of his Godly powers and abilities, to save men from sin. He was mocked, beaten, and killed on a cross for us. That is love. That is sacrifice for His bride. What are we as husbands doing to sanctify, cleanse, and prepare our wives to be presented before God in all His glory? That is love. Christ prepares us for presentation before the mighty God. We must do the same for our wives.

Praise God for Him Example.
Praise God for His Love.
Praise God for my wife.

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