February 6, 2009

Faith Counted to Him as Righeousness

I wish I had the time and ability to write a book or something. I enjoy writing. I'm not saying I'm good at it by any means, but there is some sort of satisfaction in writing.I think the greatest part of this blog being focused on my Bible studies is when I look back and read what I've written in the past. Of course there's always the errors in spelling or grammar, or a sentence that sees to go no where or never end. Like that one.

I think it comes down to reading something I wrote seems to make more sense to me then others. I make sense to myself. Maybe it's only to me but that's really what this blogs for. I continued reading the "Crazy Love" book by Francis Chan last night, and I found myself thinking it was an easy read. Simple truths written simply. Most people know I'm not a strong reader. It's definitely a frustration of mine. But this book was written in a style I can handle...at least so far.

This has been a weird introduction to nothing about the book or my joy in writing. I read Romans 4:13-25, titled in my Bible as "The Promise Realized Through Faith." The promise God gave to Abraham that he would be heir of the world was given to Abraham because of his righteous faith in God. The law is impossible to completely obey and follow because of the nature of man, sin. The law brings wrath because man can not obey it. Therefore we are saved through faith so that grace can be realized and God can take all the credit for salvation. Abraham's faith that God could make him the father of the world, even at 100 years old with a barren wife, was counted to him as righteousness.

Why we sin and sin and sin again, I don't understand. The sorrow and misery that comes from sinning is no good. But we still do it. And without the salvation of God, we would be hopelessly seeking joy through sin. Only God can give us hope and joy and peace in life. The faith we need to have in Him provides the understanding we seek in otherwise foolish things. Knowing Christ is our Savior, frees us from the bonds of our sin. Working to make Him the Lord of our lives also is our life's mission.

Praise God for His Grace.

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