February 9, 2009

Through Him We Have Grace

Choosing where to stop and write is hard. I want enough to meditate on for the day and I also want enough to write about without leaving more of the same for tomorrow. Romans 5:1-11 is a little too much to include in one days writing but I read the whole passage because I couldn't stop.

We are justified by faith in God and have peace through Jesus Christ. If you don't have peace, like I often don't, it comes from a lack of understanding this truth. Because of faith we have grace. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. I just re-read that and it actually says, "Through Him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God." Two things jumped out at me, "Through Him" and "by faith". "Through Him" points to that fact that it is God who calls us to His grace. And some manuscripts omit "by faith" which may also point to the fact that God's grace has more to do with His calling than it does with our faith.

So what am I saying? I believe, left to my own devices I would not have the faith it takes to be called a child of God. I would fail and live in my sin. I think it could read like this: Through His grace I've been called and He revealed Himself to me so that I may have faith in Him and be justified by that faith.

So I got through verses 1 and 2. Not quite to 11 but there is so much here. Gosh, and I wanted to write about rejoicing in suffering. Yikes. I'm no good at that.

Praise God for His Grace.
Praise God it is Through Him.

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