February 1, 2009

Superbowl #43-break 13

The "do you want me to throw your phone away for you," jokes are

Holy crap. Fat guy is going to die but he scored in the superbowl. Oh
know a replay. Wait for it. Wait for it. 100 yards by a linebacker.
Touchdown by fatty.

I was getting worried about my earlier prediction that that the
steelers are going to win...for a minute. Tjen that happened.


Why 3D?


Nextel: roadies run the world. That'd be good.

Heroes: yippie!!

Fast forward halftime show. Done. No Bruce.

Tundra: not an F-150

Priceline: no

Overstock: no

LMAO: funny.

What's with the milk, fiber, and local news stuff?

And back to the game.

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