June 9, 2009

WWDC Announcements

I didn't have time to post this yesterday but Apple announced the new "Apple IIGS". The fastest, most powerful...wait a minute. Oops. Sorry. They announced the Apple "iPhone 3G S". The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. It is the same size, look, and materials as the iPhone 3G but faster. I guess it weighs 2 more grams too. Anyway, here are the quick notes I took while watching the keynote. If you want to watch it for yourself, here is the link. Notes: I think the first thing too make me want a MobileMe account is the "Find My iPhone" app. It's a program that will locate your phone on a map, allow you to cause the phone to make a sound (even if it's on silent) and show a message, and will even wipe the memory of your phone remotely. Cool. June 17th the iPhone OS 3.0 will be released. It does great things for the current iPhone 3G, and it will come on the iPhone 3G S. Some major improvements, long desired by iPhone users are in this software update such as Cut and Paste, MMS, landscape keyboard, etc. June 19th iPhone 3G S will be available. The "S" stands for speed. $199 16GB and $299 32GB iPhone 3G S. And for $99 the 8GB iPhone 3G will be available. AT&T seemed to be missing from the list of supported carriers for MMS and tethering. Jerks. There's a new 3 megapixel camera with video capabilities on the 3G S. The camera also has a "tap to focus" feature and auto focus. I'm hoping there will be some improvements to the 3G's camera too, through the software update. We'll see. Voice Control on the 3G S looks awesome. It will control iPod functions and allow you to make calls from your address book, by speaking commands. There is a compass which will turn the maps in Google Maps or on coming GPS apps in the direction you are facing. There were lots of upgrades and price cuts to all the Mac lines too. For that list go to Apple.com. I'm going to get an iMac soon. Very soon. BTW, I did steal that joke about the Apple II GS from another website.

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