July 11, 2009

Dave and Buster's Coming to The Fountains at Roseville

My wife and I were out with a friend enjoying some "Big Spoon" yogurt in The Fountains at Roseville.  She told us she heard an adult arcade is going in where there used to be a nice grassy area to enjoy your yogurt.  I thought it sounded a little familiar.  Then I looked on the Fountains website and found out the "adult arcade" is Dave and Buster's.  It is such a fun place to eat, play games, and enjoy yourself....as an adult.  They do sell alcoholic beverages, but it's more than that.  Good food, party rooms, member cards for the games, and a wide selection of other recreational activities, from movies to pool tables, are some of what Dave and Buster's offers.
I remembered back 7 or 8 years ago, my roommate and I talked about Roseville needing a Dave and Buster's.  We went as far as looking at how to franchise, calling D&B, and sending emails telling them to come to Roseville.  Well, they finally are and I, for one, am excited.


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  1. Frank W. Told about this back before they broke ground for the fountains, I just thought that they cancelled it. But good news that it will be done soon, so I can see what all the hype is about.