July 6, 2009

Wretched Man That I Am

The more I review my life, the more concern I have regarding my place in eternity. I have no fruit in my life. I have no joy, no peace, none of the signs we all talk about as Christians. Do you? Do you really have complete and total peace and joy? Is there fruit? Do you see people's lives being changed because of what you do and how you live and the things you share with them about the truths of God?

Last night my wife and I had dinner with one of my favorite people. He is a really close friend, he was a groomsman in my wedding, and he is a "good person." The problem is, he's not saved. He doesn't believe in his need for a savior. He doesn't believe the Bible is the inspired Word of the Creator and Savior of this world. He is good in the eyes of the world, but he is not saved and therefore can not do anything good, as it is not being done for the glory of God. But why would he? He does have many friends that claim Christianity and a belief in God, but how often are these people living proof of that? I, for one, am a hindrance to the hope that he will see his need for a Savior.

I know that nothing I can do will save him. I know that despite my failures, God can reveal Himself to this friend. But what am I doing to facilitate a good work? "Nothing." That's the true answer. And it's beginning to make me sick. My own life is beginning to make me hate myself, my sin, and my lack of purpose. If my life does nothing to glorify God, my life in useless and wasted and void of value. God should be glorified in all that I do. I should strive to bring glory to his name at every moment I can. I've been saved from my wreched sin, and yet I live as though I am still an unsaved hopeless person.

I need Christ so much more than I realize. Salvation is an amazing gift of grace and mercy. God should (and I would deserve it) send me straight to Hell and eternal damnation. I continue to blow the opportunities he gives me to point to Him, to glorify Him, to praise and honor Him. I am wasting my life every minute and wasting precious, valuable time I could be devoted to Him. Why do I not crave time in the Word of GOD? Why do I not crave time in prayer, talking to the Almighty Creator? Why do I not scream out praise of the one who has saved me from this wretched sinful life I live?

Praise the Almighty God for the salvation that comes only through the blood of His Son, poured out on the cross for me, a wretched, sinful being with no value except that which he sees and has saved for His own purpose. Praise God for the undeserved mercy and grace, the unearned rescue He's given to me, pulling me out of the darkness of sin and into Him marvelous light.

Praise God for all Eternity for His Amazing Love, Grace, and Mercy on us.

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