July 31, 2009

Is There Injustice on God's Part?

Romans 9:14-18 asks the question, and I paraphrase, "if God chooses us before we exist, is God unfair (is there injustice on God part)? Of course the answer is, "By no means!" I've never really thought very hard about this point, except to think about how grateful I am to have been chosen, and to help my wife think about why it seems some of her family members are not saved or "chosen". But today I read the verses after the question and the phrase, "I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion," struck me differently. It's mercy and compassion he gives, not justice. If he gave us justice we would burn in Hell.

Quickly, and lastly for today (and I'm hopeful the shorter writing will help me stay faithful to my blogging and studying again) verse 17 talks about Pharaoh, that God raised him up, that God might show His power in Pharaoh, and that God's name might be proclaimed in all the earth. Pharaoh was used to bring God glory. His heart was hardened toward God, and so Pharaoh rejected God, but God was glorified in this, as His power was revealed when He lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Signs, plagues, and freedom came from God (not Moses), and these things revealed God's great love for His people and His great power over creation.

Praise God for His Mercy.

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