July 30, 2009

Saved by Savemart

Two weeks ago, I was bored on my mandatory lunch hour so I walked through Savemart, which is across the parking lot from my branch in Rocklin, CA.  I looked around the store for the beverage that has taken the top position on my beverage ranking list, Pepsi Natural.  No luck.  In fact, Pepsi Natural has disappeared completely.  There's none at any of the major grocery chains around, none at Costco anymore, and none at the gas stations and quickie marts in all of Placer County (at least the ones I've checked).
But back to Savemart.  A male employee at Savemart helped me look for the Pepsi Natural, telling me about a Pepsi display where he had last seen the bottled goodness.  But I was out of luck that day.  The gentleman told me he would ask the Pepsi Rep the next time he was in.  I was appreciative, but not hopeful.
Fast forward to today.  I was once again bored on my lunch, longing for a new type of beverage to fill the void left by the missing Pepsi Natural, and strolling the isles of the Savemart.  Again I was approached by an employee, this time a female, and asked if I needed some help.  I told her my story and of my desire (not "hope" anymore).  She asked if I had checked the regular soda isle, as she found me while checking the Pepsi product display.  We walked over together and looked.  She offered to check the stock room and I agreed, knowing the gentleman had checked there last time without the desired outcome.  I continued to look deeply into the shelves, willing a 4 pack to be stuck in the back of a shelf undiscovered.
AND THEN, as though I willed with all the will power a fat guy can muster, The female employee emerged from the stock room with a box.  A case?  No, it can't be.  Or can it.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  24 dusty bottles of Pepsi Natural found in the some cold, dark corner of the stock room.  "How many would you like?"  "All of them," I replied.  "All of them."
24 beautiful bottles of bubbly goodness known as the natural ingredients of Pepsi Natural.  What a great day, Saved by Savemart.
On my way out of the store, the gentleman I originally talked with, saw me walking out of the store with the case.  He told me he had ordered the case for me.  Thank you Savemart.  Thank you employees of Savemart.  Thank you Pepsi Rep.

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