July 16, 2009

Don't Support GM!

Don't support GM, congress, Obama, or anyone who thinks a guy who helped lead a company into bankruptcy and cost the citizens of the USA $90 billion so far, deserves the following severance: $8.2 million, plus $74,030 per year for life, along with health and life insurance plans That's what Rick Wagoner who, in March, was forced out of his position as the CEO of General Motors, will be receiving from GM...or us, the taxpayers. This is more money than I'll ever make in my entire life. And, it's some of the money we pay to this stupid government we have "representing" us. Although, I keep wanting to say support Ford, I'm a little nervous because they have contracts with the UAW. Still, it's a better option than GM who is just costing taxpayers more and more money. LET GM FAIL. Let bad decision makers fail. I look at the banking industry and see that a bank like U.S. Bank is one of the healthiest and most secure banks in the nation because they were conservative and made good, sound business decisions. Let the rest fail. That's what FDIC is about. That's what capitalism is about. Let the bad fall away and become no more. We can weed out the bad and keep the good. This is a great time to help the good businesses succeed and the bad one get out of the way.

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