January 27, 2010

About the iPad

First, it sounds like a feminine hygiene product. Gross. Next, everything I wanted to say is wrapped up in a commenter's comment on Engadget. "A giant iphone that can't place a call, can't take pictures, can shoot video, cannot multitask, cannot run Adobe Flash and is ridiculously expensive even before adding the cost of a 3G antenna. Yeah, I'll take three [/sarcasm]" Finally, it is actually the direction I think computers should go. The picture below is what makes me interested, with the attachable keyboard docking station. I also love that you can get iWork (Apple's Office like suite) on it. I believe, and posted about it in 2007 here (scroll down to "Here is a Rabbit Trail"), that computers should go the way of the portable do everything device. This is really a step in the right direction. It's too bad it's been apple-ized. If Apple got there heads out of their "apple cores" and added or fixed the things in the comments from the Engadget reader, I'd run down and buy 3 of them, for realzies. What do you think?

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