January 3, 2010

Randomness to Start 2010

It's a new year and I don't yet have a 2010 entry. I've become a very busy person. We moved, work is still just great (he said sarcastically), and the holidays with family and friends have devoured my time as of late. So, how are all of you? 2010 treating you good so far? Good. Good. Not really listening. Okay, well I'm having computer issues again. The XPS is running poorly (time for a reformat), the desktop is just old and slow. I'm thinking about a new computer but I can't decide which direction to go in. Mac vs Windows. I started pricing out computers, Apple, Dell, HP. I tried my best to build them with the same specs, and it was very interesting, the outcome. All of them have Intel chips (quad core 2.8Ghz), all of them have 4Gb of memory (the HP actually had 6), all of them have 1Tb of Hard Drive space, and a bunch of other similar specs. Pricing...the Mac was the highest and the HP was the lowest. And Dell has been nothing but a pain for me in the past (my employer with its 50,000+ employees is moving away from Dell). iMac = $2,239.00 Dell = $1,272.00 HP = $1,195.00 To be fair to Apple, the iMac does have a monitor and the Dell and HP prices don't, but it's no $1,000 monitor. ARE YOU KIDDING ME APPLE? Time for family time, well, wife time. HELLO? No it's not what you think. TV and pretzels in bed. Our kind of closeness. (Edited for the kids)


  1. Whatever you do, DON'T get a Dell. HP or Mac. Also, if you add in the cost of all the software you get on the Mac for free you might be surprised that it's cheaper if you were to go buy the same software for the HP.

    I once read that the hard drives that don't pass HP's testing get sent to Dell and they're more than happy to use them! Hahahahaha! Don't know if it's true, but I believe it!

  2. Pretzels make crumbs in bed...

    But TV together is nice.