January 20, 2010

Do All in Faith

I spoke to my friend Stuart yesterday morning about Romans 14:13-23 and we discussed the fact that in context this is about food, but that it's also about not finding fault with a fellow Christian who may not believe a particular type of food or drink is wrong. For example alcohol. There are many people who believe you should not drink any alcohol, and there are others who enjoy it responsibly and without sin.

It comes down to the reasons. If someone abstains from a particular food or beverage another may not have a problem with, not judgment on either person's part should be made. It comes down to faith, and not causing another to stumble. If a new Christian who may have participated in heavy drinking prior to salvation is now not comfortable with the consumption of alcoholic beverages, there should not be another who believes it is okay to drink alcohol pushing beverages on the one who has the problem. Why would we make someone feel like they are wrong or foolish or cause them to think they are sinning for something that does not build up that brother? Verse 23 ends with this: "For whatever does not proceed from faith is sin." Do all things in faith. Know our great God. Understand His desires and the freedoms He gives in faith.

Praise God in Faith.

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  1. Amen to that. And you need to put a new picture up (one showing the WHOLE fam). God bless.