December 9, 2010

Can I Save Enough by 2012 For This VW Golf R?

I've talked about my love for Volkwagen in the past, so this news is not really unexpected for me to post.  But today, Autoblog posted that VW is going to bring the Golf R to the USA in 2012.  With somewhere around 270hp (155 more than my 1999), this VW would be an amazing upgrade for me.
 The interior is awesome too.
And, just in case Volkswagen is listening, my 1999 Golf is still going strong and I love it.  If say, VW was thinking about a cool PR deal with a no name consumer, where they wanted to give away one of these beauties to a huge fan, I'm ready for a new car.  Here's my baby:
I'm now at over 191,000 miles and still going strong.  I get great gas mileage and have an awesome amount of power and handling.  This is an older car, but I still really love to drive it.

If you want more info on the 2012 VW Golf R, check our Autoblog and their gallery.


  1. whoa!

    I'm kinda shocked you're still driving that. rock on. That's like 12 years or something.

  2. I'd still be driving my 1996 Jetta if my neighbor's truck hadn't rolled down the driveway in the middle of the night and smashed into it.

    It's ok. I'm loving my 2000 Passat.

  3. golfer8:19 AM

    Your '99 has 215hp??

  4. Anonymous7:30 PM

    How did I get here? Who are you?

  5. Golfer: My Golf had around 115, so I corrected the blog to reflect 155 more. Sorry for the confusion.

    Anonymous: How should I know how you got to my site. I'm going to guess "search engine"? You should know. You are the one who is now here. Oh, and you added the comment so...