December 30, 2010

A Sort Of, "Apple Redemption" Story

I went to a different Apple Store today from my normal one, based originally on a co-worker's daughter being an Apple Genius employee.  After finally getting my appointment scheduled (see previous post), I arrived to find it was the Genius daughter's lunch hour.  Disappointed and feeling like I was going to have a similar experience to my last Roseville store visit, I proceeded with my appointment to find myself in the very capable hands of another Apple Genius.

Blah, blah, blah, my sob story, and some heavy research into a serial number issue by the Genius, the employee and manager decided to help me out with my issues.  Because they chose to listen to me and believe my story, they were able to confirm why I was frustrated and replace my phone.  Sure, it's still a 3G model, but I didn't pay a dime for the replacement.

Thanks Apple, for having some great employees in the Arden Mall Apple Store today.

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