November 27, 2008

Dew Christmas Right

Today is Thanksgiving! (actually I wrote this on 11/10/08 but I post dated it for Thanksgiving Day.) This is the official start to the Christmas season. I love Christmas for all the good reasons: Jesus birth is celebrated, family get together with good food, people seem more cheerful, Christmas songs are playing everywhere, and Starbucks has Christmas cups. (I saw the Christmas cups out as early as 11/8/08 too. Maybe I should have posted this then). The Christmas season can also bring out the creativity in people. A mass email sent to me by Melanie Fraser showed one "rednecks" idea for a Christmas Tree. And, while it's too much work for me, and my wife would never allow it anyway, I find this tree to be beautiful and festive. It embodies true creativity and my love for both Christmas and Mountain Dew. So as the Christmas season begins, Dew Christmas right. Celebrate the birth of our Savior and don't sweat the need for gifts. A few Dew's, some wire, and a piece PVC pipe can brighten your home too. To the guy who built this tree, AWESOME. Merry Christmas!