November 8, 2008

Sacramento Auto Show 2008 Recap

My dad and I had a good time at the Sacramento Auto Show. It was a great experience driving the vehicles we drove on the test tracks. My dad drove the Toyota Tundra on the 4X4 off-road course, and the Chevy Silverado and Traverse on the coned course. He said he liked the Silverado over the Tundra, and the Traverse was his favorite. I drove the Toyota Tacoma on the off-road course, and the Chevy Impala SS and the Corvette on the coned track. All three were fun. The SS roasted better than the Vette but the Vette handled really well on the course. The Vettes issue was some sort of governor or speed limiter. I even turned off the traction control and gassed with the brake on, hoping to spin the tires more. I took more pictures as the day went on but the upload time took away from the experience so I only sent a third of the pictures. Here is a slide show of the rest. One sad thing about Sacramento's show is the lack of concepts or future vehicles. The LA Show I went to in 2001 was so much better in terms of content; however, the drives more than made up for it. Something else my dad noted; Toyota was the only company with a gift. We received free beanies for our drive on the off-road course.

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