November 2, 2008

In Case You Missed It - McCain is Funny

Saw this thanks to Tech-Guy-Ted's website, but I figured I might have some different readers. Make sure you watch the whole thing, both parts. This shows a humorous side to John McCain, making it that much easier to do the right think. John first makes fun of himself with such topics as "Joe the Plumber." Then he goes into ripping on Obama, Biden, Oprah, and the Clintons. He continues with making fun of the liberal media, Acorn, and voter fraud. And as the classy person he is, McCain closes with kind words for Obama, both as a great candidate for the democrats and as the first black man in a presidential election in our countries history. Go vote and protect our great country from the not so funny Obama Socialist future we'll face under B.O. Part 1 - McCain Part 2 - McCain Obama's speeches...not funny enough to post. Okay, I'll post them in the hopes that you may see a little bit into his personality. In case you are a democrat, and therefore to emotional and naïve to navigate yourself to his You-Tube clips, here they are. I did like that he mentioned AIG and the $400,000 spent on a Spa trip to St. Regis Resort, even though AIG is taking part in the bailout money. He also makes fun of his name; I guess that's funny too. Anyway, in the pursuit of fairness, here he is. Part 1 - Obama Part 2 - Obama There you go Dan Ray, more politics. Listen to Sean Hannity. I love his show. You'll worry a little about the future of this country under the likes of Obama, but Sean is a Great American and is doing great things with his show. I only wish more people were able to listen to him. That reminds me, Fox News is not available on the low end packages offered by Dish Network. Stinking liberal company. I want my Fox News.