November 9, 2008

iPhone App - Handshake

My old phone had the ability to send my contacts' "business cards" to any phone as a text message. Apple missed that feature. Jerks. Now an app on the App Store allows iPhone users to send contacts and pictures directly to other iPhone users, with a program called Handshake. BTW, if you don't have an iPhone, be cool with it. Apple decided to show their political view with $100,000 donation to the "Vote No on Prop 8" campaign in CA. No matter what your feelings are on this issue,why do businesses get into the political opinion game? This is not an issue that promotes their business. Instead, an issue like this could turn some people off to the company. Stay neutral as a company. Do your business. It's better to stay out of things than to voice an opinion that may turn customers off to your products. For the record, I did vote yes. This isn't a business. It's my blog. The ads? They earn me jack. In fact, $3.78 is my earnings since I signed up on September 2, 2007. And I can't cash out until I reach $100. WEAK! I can't even get my favorite cup of Starbucks Coffee for that. I bet Starbucks is a liberal company. Anyone know? I didn't hear of anything they supported that I wouldn't. I thought it was cool they gave free coffee to those how voted. I also think they have a great business plan, and they take good care of their employees. I did apply for a second job there but nothing happened. Not even a call. Jerks. I really am too lazy to have two jobs anyway. I might as well foreclose on my house. I'm $2,000 in the hole every month anyway. Crap. Oh but ahh, Handshake looks good. Seriously. Check it out fellow iPhone users. We can exchange numbers.

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