November 24, 2008

A Prayer Request

I don't really like putting this kind of request up on the WWW, but I feel like it's an important thing that I desperately need God's guidance in. I've been told to re-apply to my old job as a deputy for the county. I would have to go through the field training portion, a 4 month patrol training period. I would have 18 months of probation, putting me at risk of easily being terminated under the flag of "probationary employee." And more importantly I'd be burning the bridge with the bank, at least the bridge with the current bosses. The job also has elements that I am very unsure of. If I was truly a Godly man, leading my family, witnessing to my co-workers and customers, and trusting God with everything, I could probably handle the job and the elements that I didn't enjoy before. But in my weak faith, I'm not sure I would be able to handle the duties of a deputy the way God would have me do them.

Writing this blog might even come up in background again, and it may show weakness rather than the desire to do what God would have me do. That's not my point. I do believe God gave me the skills, intelligence, and common sense to be a cop. But I need the spiritual maturity to do it the way He would have me do it. I want to glorify Him in whatever job I'm in. Whether it's at the bank still, or I pursue the deputy job again, I want to start glorifying God with my life. I want those around me to be positively affected by the light I shine on the truth.

So the request is: I want God's direction in my life and how I can best glorify Him with it. Do I pursue the job with the sheriff's office do I stay at the bank and continue to work through the positions and duties there? And, pray that in everything I glorify God with my life. Pray that sin is absolutely removed from my life, so that I can be used by God every day.

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  1. I'll be praying for you. Keep us updated!