November 16, 2009

All Commandments Can Be Summed Up By Love

"...for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law." I thought I'd be able to review Romans 13:8-10 and have a lot to say, but the simple truth of that first quote sums it up so nicely. If we love others, we fulfill the law. You don't go lie, cheat, steal, hurt, or kill someone you love. If you love others, you fulfill the commandments. If you love others, you will stop sinning. Love, love, love.

And then there is the reality of my own life. There is barely love for the ones I claim to love. I am so unloving. I often have to question my own salvation because I am not a person who loves others. Sometimes I tell myself I am, because I'll feel bad for someone in need or pain, but that's not the love that counts here. This love is contrasted against the commandments against adultery, murder, stealing, and coveting. We need to love in the hard situations. We need to love the unlovable.

Praise God for His Love.

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