November 21, 2009

Reed's Inc. A Healthy Soda Company may allow me to write a review for their site. In preparing for this review, I looked at the company that makes Vigil's Root Beer and China Soda, two of the sodas I am planning to review here. Reed's, Inc. is the maker of both these sodas and another beverage called Reed's Ginger Brew. The Ginger Brew is Reed's signature soda. It's a ginger ale made with real ginger and other all natural ingredients they brew (similar to beer) into this healthier ale. Reed's claims to be the "Coke" of health food stores, being the largest nature/premium soda seller. Their similarity to Coca-Cola ends there. Their Ginger Brew is made one brewed batch at a time and they use no chemicals in making their products. With real ginger root, Reed's boast of health benefits from drinking their brews. Ginger has been tied to digestive health and can be used as a motion sickness aid. The first time I went on an ocean cruise I took ginger tablets to help with motion sickness. There were no bad side effects from the ginger. If I had taken medicine, I may have suffered from drowsiness. Virgil's Root Beer was purchased by Reed's, Inc in 2000. Virgil's followed the same philosophy of soda making as Reed's, being made with all natural ingredients, being brewed like old fashioned sodas (claiming to be the only brewed Root Beer), and boasting of health benefits. China Soda is heralded as the #1 selling cola in health food stores. Just as Virgil's Root Beer and Reed's Ginger Brew offer a natural and healthy choice in soda consumption, China Soda takes the classic cola taste and adds Chinese herbal knowledge and ingredients to make this cola a natural way to balance the body's "imbalances" commonly found today. It naturally increases the energy level of its consumer. Here is a video from the History Channel's Modern Marvels. I love this show, and I wish I had this full episode. Enjoy.

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