November 5, 2009


Romans 12:10-13. First the easier stuff. Verse 13b seek to show hospitality. DONE!

Now the rest. We need to be serving the Lord with a fervent spirit and with zeal. We need to be rejoicing in the hope we have as the children of God. We need to be PATIENT in tribulation. And we need to be in constant prayer. FAIL!

All these things work together too. And all these fails are why I feel like I'm in a deeper pit of failure than before. If I rejoice in the grace that God has given me, and in the hope of heaven and eternity with Him, and if I am in constant prayer to my Creator and Savior, all the struggles of daily life will fade, patience will be provided in tribulation. I believe my struggles would not be so frustrating and difficult if I was leaning on God and trusting Him in the first place. I think He is faithful to me and is constantly trying to draw me back to Himself. Oh what a fool I am.

Praise God for His Faithfulness.
Praise God for the Hope we have in Him.

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