November 1, 2009

Getting Ready To Make the Switch

Apple and the iPhone are starting to be so frustrating. Apple is too exclusive and arrogant about what they will and won't allow on the iPhone. It's too locked down. The Google Android phone is open source, is on multiple phones, and has free stuff; free stuff like a Navigation Program. The Android phone also has the stuff we want from Google, that Apple keeps blocking. Voice recognition, location software, navigation, Google docs, and more. There are apps and more too. I don't know enough yet about the phone, which is why the title is "Getting Ready to Make the Switch" not "Making the Switch", but with Apple doing things the way they are, and the way they always do, I'm being pushed to boycott. (Other Apple-ism, the new iMac and it's 2 different functioning mini DVI ports on the 2 models. The 27" allows input, while the 21.5" doesn't. And the glossy finish on the screens is not great. Even in Apple's own stores, the glossy finish makes it hard to see the screen. Where's the mat option? How about the iPod Touch? You have to pay $10 every time they update the software. Stupid.) I will admit the iPhone is the greatest phone ever, but there are a lot of things that could be done better. Maybe someone will create the hardware to match the great work Google has done on the software of Android. It will be hard to match or beat the beauty of the iPhone. I was hopeful Motorola would do it with the "Droid", but first pictures aren't looking good. Someone needs to build a phone with a high quality, high resolution screen, and other quality materials and design.

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